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  1. that means after getting level one batch it appears
  2. When the option Named “Promote gig” comes ,Is this not applicable for zero level sellers ?
  3. Kindly can you look what’s wrong with it ? if you have time. Fiverr.com jr_joy_1566 : I will find b2b linkedin leads, business leads for $5 on...For only $5, jr_joy_1566 will find b2b linkedin leads, business leads. | Welcome to my service ,Looking for C level b2b LinkedIn leads, valid emails , b2b for your business ? But your budget is low ? | On Fiverr
  4. I have done all these but still it got only 1 impression in 1day
  5. Hi I am Joy. I have created a gig after deleting an old gig which was getting low impressions . But after creating new gig the result remains same . What should I do. Please some one help.
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