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  1. But can a buyer leave a negative review on this order after all.
  2. So what i do to save my profile rating being my first priority. Do i need to deliver the same file again by writing that it does not cover under the scope of revision or i should contact CS to resolve my issues either by cancelling the order without effecting my gig ranking in any way.
  3. How to contact to customer support as i am new i don’t have enough knowledge? Do i need to share the screen shot to prove my self not guilty? and after all this, can this buyer leave a negative review on my profile?
  4. Hi, hope you all are fine. Please Help me out on this. I met a buyer who started an order with me. The order was to solve Electrical Engineering Problems (19 pages of work) according to his roll number. He shared a pdf file on which problems as well roll number was mentioned. He also mentioned the roll number on the requirement section of order. I solved all the problems and delivered the work one day prior to completion date. But now he puts me on revision demanding the work to be done on another roll number too. As this is not something called as revision. I have to do all work again. What should i do?? Buyer statement is “I typed the wrong reg number it was supposed to be 9671” Its not my mistake what to do now.
  5. Thanks for your time. I’m learning many things from you guys.
  6. Just an observation, and maybe you did this just here on the forum but if you use “!” like this (you even used !! and !!! in your replies to the comments above) when talking to people, especially " in a business situation", some might not like that, or might even block you. But it’s also completely possible that that person wasn’t the smartest, not wanting to answer a legitimate and important to their (potential) order question, or even were a scammer and blocked you when it seemed you’d not work for free, all kinds exist, in the world, and here. okay thanks. I will try to avoid this “!” from now onward.
  7. Well, first, this was not a buyer - at least, not someone who bought your service. Your post does not sound this way. Sounds like a potential buyer messaged you, sent you a file and expected you to work on it? If so, they were trying to get you to do free work, or perhaps trying to figure out if you knew what you were doing. Did they ORDER something? You never mention anything in your post about them cancelling an order, so, I get a sense that when you asked questions, they figured you could not do the job and figured it was best not to try and communicate with you and blocked you. If that is the case, no, it will not affect your analytics, but, you never know if it may harm your ranking, as you did not turn this person who messaged into a buyer. Go read the thread about Fiverr 3.0 to get what I am talking about. GG yup he was not a buyer he just send me a work to do and I ask him to clarify what you actually want, so it will be easier to work but in return he blocked me . is asking to clarify a term having two different meaning is a wrong thing I did? how can anyone start work and deliver quality work without clarifying things !!!
  8. thanks a lot .I am very cleared with the services I’m providing but that specific term means two different things that’s why I ask him to clarify what do you actually want from me, so it will be easier for me to provide him quality work but may be he didn’t got my point !!
  9. Today I met a buyer who send me a file to do things written in the file. I read and understand all things written in it, but I have some confusion with few terms begin written to do, so I ask him to clarify what do you mean by this ‘specific term’ and what actually you want ! but in return he didn’t reply me and after few hours he had blocked me . why? and will it affect me in any way??
  10. Right impressions and clicks did not matter a lot. But the problem is that why fiverr is cutting off my previous impressions and clicks? If they give me 0 impressions and clicks a day, I don’t mind but cutting off the previous ones is surprising for me.
  11. Hi! Hope you all are fine. As I am new on fiverr so I want to ask my Seniors that why my gig impression and clicks dropped down. My impressions on this gig was 197 and clicks was 3 two days ago, but now when I checked it again Impression is 187 and clicks is just 1. How it happened ?? I didn’t change or update anything since 3 weeks. Please review my gig and tell me the possible changes that could help me to improve my Gigs and orders. Gig link is attached below Fiverr.com engr_husnain786 : I will do excel data entry, copy paste, typing, data entry...For only $5, engr_husnain786 will do excel data entry, copy paste, typing, data entry. | Hi, Welcome to my Gig!If you are looking for a professional and experiencedData Entryoperator then you are at the right place, as I will provide | On Fiverr Thank You!
  12. Thanks for this nice information. BUT the problem is that my 2nd Gig is not Even appearing in the Search Window. please guide why my 2nd gig is not appearing in Search Window when I search it with my title or the tags. Thank You
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