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  1. Hey, there! Thanks for your reply, and I'll definitely do that in case I need to record a meeting in future.
  2. Hello, Fiverr! Sometimes, I use Video Call feature (provided by Fiverr on Order Page) to meet my clients. And, usually, I prefer to record important meetings with my clients to keep a record but when I try to record a Zoom meeting hosted by Fiverr, it says I need permission from “Host” to record this meeting. Along with that, when I join a Zoom meeting hosted by Fiverr, it asks me to give permission to record the meeting before I can join it. But when meeting ends, none of the participants is provided with that recording in any way whatsoever. Is there anybody (preferably Fiverr Team Member) who can guide me in this regard?
  3. Hello, everyone! Let me introduce myself! I’m Usman Ali, a professional Web-Developer with ample expertise in UI/UX Design and Web-Development. I’m extremely passionate about creative design, user experience, maintaining elegance with performance, and above all – quality service with client satisfaction. Thank you for reading my introduction! You can visit my profile here: https://www.fiverr.com/devusmanmalik/
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