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  1. Update: I delivered the order. Now I’m going to wait three days for the completion
  2. Okey, I’m gonna deliver of course the order. But if the account of the customer doesn’t exist anymore, how could he accepet the delivery? I have to wait three days so it autocomplete right?
  3. Was it one of the sellers that gave you reviews in the last two days? :thinking: Because their accounts are still here. Nono, I haven’t deliver the order yet because I’m scared that fiverr could take down my accout. I have 6 days to deliver
  4. Hi everyone, I just got an easy quick order from a user. He asked for a quick fix in is work. After the payment, I clicked on his account and the page said “This page is no longer available” Does it mean is account is deleted? What should I do now with the order?
  5. Source: video https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010559198-Custom-Offers I guess you’re right. Thanks!
  6. Hi there! I have recently created two gigs that offer similar services to my main gig with 3 orders. I got an offer today regarding one of the newer gigs. I was wondering: is it better to place the order on the main gig with 3.9k impressions or on the newest one with only 12 impressions. When can I boost the other two gigs?
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