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  1. I think you can make portfolio type profile in behance then share you link in any social media to increase you buyer…
  2. I think you should be in a patient
  3. image1322×249 12.8 KBThis is a problem or bugs
  4. You will be banned to do this …
  5. Ok, This is my own experience that I have create my account and gig two gigs but I can’t get any order after finishing my first order in 6 months ago. Recently my big brother tell me to stay in fiverr so i do the same he says. Now a days my impression and click is increasing day by day. And got order too. This is not officially declared but it is worked Thank you
  6. I think you don’t need outside of gig marking just stay in fiverr amazing forum. It is too important to give a fix amount of time in fiverr forum. Then fiverr will dynamically help you to get more order so stay with forum you can be success. Thank you
  7. I think you can add a animated video that will more attractive then normal video as you are a logo designer Thank you
  8. Great keep it up. And try to make it more and skill in the development part of a website including customization too Thank you
  9. I think you are lucky that you can find or know about fiverr forum. There are a lots of people who don’t know about fiverr forum. So just try to improve yourself first with a lots of skill of work. That you can confidently chat with buyer Thank you
  10. Hello, How are you? We all are working for getting orders so be patient for your exclusive first order. Try to promote you gig and stay on fiverr forum… Thank you
  11. Welcome to the fiverr exclusive side forum … Thank you,😁
  12. Welcome to fiverr.com and forum ,😍
  13. My Fiverr Profile— Fiverr.com fa_shamim's public profile on FiverrI am working on WordPress from many year and most of my clients are happy to get their work 100%. You can give me a small project to do.I have completed more then 50 project on WordPress during last years.I almost work on WordPress Theme... Gigs are here– Fiverr.com fa_shamim : I will be your divi theme web developer for $10 on fiverr.comFor only $10, fa_shamim will be your divi theme web developer. | WordPress Developer, WordPress Theme Customization, Divi Theme Develomer.If you need any Divi Theme Customization or Design Task, You can ask me and I will tell | On Fiverr Fiverr.com fa_shamim : I will build an eyecatching squeeze page with elementor pro for...For only $5, fa_shamim will build an eyecatching squeeze page with elementor pro. | Hello sir,I will create a awesome and eye-catching landing page and It will be so helpful for your company.I will do your best requirement with | On Fiverr
  14. Thanks for most important information… 😍
  15. We all can success in fiver just for trying with practice and good thinking… Thank you 😀
  16. I think we should try in gig marketing so that we can get fiver permanent clients… Thanks
  17. Assalamalaikum How are you? I appreciate you brother to maintain Islam and freelancing both :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  18. This is not that you are doing the fiver just to get first order… Do your best in different way and unit idea you can get first and getting order regular… thank you 👍
  19. I think you can update the fiver app from playstore of Google …after all app is working very well 👍
  20. In this way I have done my first job $10 but as that was my first job so I do more than the buyer requirements…so buyer gave me $10 tips …👍
  21. I think you can use any one image or video but mostly video is better than image coz you can explain in video how you will provide the services…😊
  22. Obviously dear, if your gig impression and click increase it means that buyer are watching and clicking your gig and after thier interest they can give a order…:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Thank you 😊
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