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  1. Hello you guys, My name is Savio and I’m a 21 year old musician and composer from Hamburg Germany. I signed up today because many of my friends told me to go to this page to sell my music and make something out of it because I am literally sitting on so much music that needs a purpose and I’m motivated to create new music for special events, for films and such! 😍 I have been playing the Oboe since I was 5 Years old and been composing and writing my own music since I’m 15 years old. I already published a whole Album with my classical music on Spotify called “The Classics”. My Classical Album on Spotify Now my question is: How do I get people to recognize me on here, especially if I’m new? I’d love to hear from you guys! Tips, tricks and so on! Thanks! Mod Note: Outgoing link removed.
  2. I have started with music since I was a little kid. I played the oboe since I was 5 years old and really quickly dove into the world of classical music and can’t imagine my life without it now. I’ve played concerts with symphonic orchestras in Germany and started to compose my own music when I was about 15 years old because I ALWAYS had some melodies stuck in my head that I just had to write down! And now I’m studying musical theatre because I also love singing and dancing whilst still composing a lot of music for my friends and/or colleagues and myself of course.
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