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  1. I got my first order after 28 days and i got it from buyer request . So , i recommend you to be patient and proactive .Send buyer request every day. Because , As a new seller , it is a great chance to get your first order .Hope you get it soon😊
  2. I think, You have to contact customer support immediately.
  3. Really ! You are Lucky πŸ₯°
  4. Best of luck. Keep up good work
  5. In Fiverr mobile app , My conversion rate shows 0.23% . Anybody can explain how to calculate the "Conversion Rate " and what exactly it is ? Thanks
  6. Thanks for sharing this helpful idea.
  7. Basically a new seller can publish 7 gigs totally .I think , this is a great way to divulge our services. Why would we avoid it where Fiverr is giving us these advantage. But if you work under only one category ,you can publish 2-3 gigs under the same category .But remember ! the gigs must be different from one to another ( like gig title, image , description ,etc). Thanks
  8. Be patient, stay online and send buyer requests every day. Hope to receive orders soon.❀️
  9. I think Fiverr released this option for specific sellers. Some seller got it and some are not. Also I haven't received it yet.
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