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  1. You really want that backlink? 🙂 Is it bad? Maybe, that information helps somebody to get useful tips. I don’t put any link in case I consider it inappropriate. It wasn’t my main goal 🙂 I think we are discussing different topics to share thoughts and something useful…
  2. I really noticed some changes. Companies practice hiring employees without relevant work experience or special education. A lot of people lost their jobs, some entrepreneurs had to stop their businesses… Thus, many workers want to change their professional fields. I think employers find a possibility to give a new employee just those skills and knowledge that are appropriate for a certain company in the current situation. Why not… Especially, if you created the right CV, highlighted your strengths and soft skills, and if you are able to provide self-learning. These changes are natural, in my opinion.
  3. There is so much work lately. I noticed that when I stop controlling my time, I get stuck on a certain working task and I can spend hours on it. Shouldn’t forget about working plan and time management, otherwise, my work makes me overwhelmed. I even spent all my weekends working the last few weeks. But it must be different. Maybe, spring causes me to be so disorganized 🙂
  4. I absolutely agree - a lot of people fall in panic. There were other viruses earlier (several kinds of flu, for example), and people always risk catching plenty of other diseases… we cannot avoid them all for sure. But the best thing we can do - to care about immunity. And to enjoy living real life, collect positive moments, bring happiness to other people. Strong physical and mental health minimize all the risks. Why we do not hear about strengthing the immune system from mass media? But we hear about “wearing masks” every single day…
  5. Strange but Minecraft 😎 Since many educators started to use video games for learning purposes, I tried it too (I’m engaged in education). But it isn’t the only one - I was interested in plenty of games recently, want to create my own list of best games for my students. Therefore, I focus on adventure and strategy games, and I seek my inspiration in different blogs; e.g., I liked the video game examples in this article. If you can recommend something to me, I’ll be happy 🙂
  6. Definitely, this pandemic created a lot of challenges for everyone, but the office workers got more problems, in my opinion. And small business owners too. After all, freelancers are more flexible to changes, and remote work doesn’t depend on external circumstances so much. It’s just my thoughts but I know my freelance friends who achieved a quite high career growth during the last year.
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