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  1. Three continuous orders from the same buyer without any review🤔
  2. The past few days have been showing the same buyer request.
  3. OK, Sorry for that and thanks for your comment.
  4. Now do you understood my question dear?
  5. I asked about this dear If you know anything you can share with me.
  6. Thanks for you idea but I asked about about fiverr credits
  7. May I also need get idea about it dear😐
  8. What is your experience with Fiverr credit?
  9. Go to sent offers then refresh and check, it worked for me.
  10. Only one file I can download using PC. But I checked same request with my mobile I can download multiple attached file.
  11. You got my point dear, Yah I am also use mobile for download multiple image. Thanks for sharing you experience.
  12. Can you see every attached file of buyer request when using a PC?
  13. congratulation, Keep providing good service.
  14. Hello Dear, This information is very helpful for a new seller. I have appreciated it if you can write a post about fiver credits & referral links, Thanks😇
  15. Dear what is your experience about this? :roll_eyes:
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