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  1. If I’m not selling even $5 gigs, how can I increase my $5 gigs price? For me, it is logical that I will sell even less. My average income at the beginning, two years ago, was around was $700 and after two years is around $25. What should I do? What is wrong?
  2. I’m Seller Level 2. I’ve been in Fiverr for more than two years. I’ve sent 967 BRs, and I have never got not even a question. I don’t use Copy/Paste function. I have to admit that the Buyer’s Budget is a joke. What is wrong?
  3. I’m interested. Please sign me in.
  4. I went back to a Ticket from Customer Support and reading carefully. I realized that you could not put your portfolio URL on the Gig’s Description. That means that we can “send” portfolios URL anywhere but the GIG’s description. That’s great.
  5. I agree, but Fiverr banned my Portfolio at Adobe. That means I was not allowed to use any not allowed URL. They have a list of 10 or 12 allowed URLs. I checked everyone but none let you make or host a Portfolio. user.myportfolio.com by Adobe comes free in my subscription but Fiverr doesn’t let me use it.
  6. Does anybody know where or how to create an allowed by Fiverr you can use? Other platforms allow you to create a Portfolio anywhere.
  7. It’s not the service. We are not on that stage yet. It’s that $5 in the US is not enough for even a tip or a meal at McDonald’s.
  8. How can you compete with sellers from Africa and South Asia? They do whatever you request for, $5? I went to another platform, only for US Residents, that the buyers have real budgets, let’s say for a logo $500 - $800.
  9. Hi. Teaching was more than 9 years ago, in Viña Del Mar, Chile.
  10. Thank you so much, and there are this famous “algorithm”, that it’s a mystery for everybody. I feel so disappointed about Fiverr. They keep on creating services or products to make more money. It’s sad.
  11. Hi. I know what you mean and I’ve tried different strategies, but none work. We are supposed to work, right? On top of that we have to do a research about SEO, Keywords, improve this or that. Why all things have to change everyday? For me BR, that I do every morning don’t work at all. I’m very disappointed about the way things change. Another thing is their “system” or “algorithm”. I really don’t know what to do. It’s very frustrating.
  12. Hello. Correct me if I’m wrong, but what customers would like that. All the customers I’ve had want just a specific job, period. So I’m thinking who would like this or what type of gig should create or develop?
  13. Dear friend. It’s really hard to make money here. They can tell you that you have this or that. The truth is that you have to work a lot. Maybe in $100 to $200 range is easy, but nobody can tell you how hard it is going higher
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