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  1. A few months ago my gig was on the number 3 page of the Background removal tag. Suddenly It got missing from the search list. I thought it was a bug but it's really lost its rank. I try to active on Fiverr around 18-20 hours also promote my gig on social media but I don't get the impression. Then I open 2 new gigs "Landing page UI design and App UI design " these 2 gigs are also don't get an impression. Please let me know what the problem is going with my profile and What I can do to get more impressions and clicks so that I can get new orders?
  2. Please help me. What can I do? I'm very disappointed gig link : https://www.fiverr.com/share/7GK6Xb
  3. Try to use 10 buyer request everyday and try to active on Fiverr. Marketing your gig on social media and others platforms.
  4. Last tow month My gig didn't get impression and click. I'm not understand what the problem is going on. Anyone can please explain what the problem is going on? https://www.fiverr.com/share/d59dAz this is my gig link.
  5. If I will not be selected for Fiverr Pro, do I still get notified? Also, if someone is not selected the first time can they apply again? How can I get the invitation from a pro seller, I have no familiar pro seller.
  6. My gig is on the number 4 page of the search list of “Background Removal” but the order ratio is so poor. Many people suggest me to change my gig image than I did it. but still, now I do not get the order as I expect. The impression is not bad but I do not get orders. What can I do now? can anyone suggest me? My gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/Wor23d Capture1309×415 32.5 KB
  7. I created my account in July 2020 to start with some new photoshop related services. I do not get much more order nowadays but I’m happy with my freelancing life with Fiverr. I believe If I spend more time then I can get more orders from here. my gig: https://www.fiverr.com/share/dNBlg6 I can’t get much more order. The impression of my gig is not bad but the order result is very poor. Now, what can I do on my gig? Please suggest me as I can get more orders 11272×706 68.8 KB
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