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  1. You can add three images. So use primary image as an eye catching image. And rest 2 you can keep simple like the one is in your gig now.
  2. You can use video. And 3 Packages pricing.
  3. Is it fine to divert buyers to different sellers if I don’t have time. 🧐
  4. Ohh. I thought you are talking about some advance payment option. i.e. like advance settings 😂
  5. I did not understood your last statement. What is advance payment options?
  6. I have read your message. I will keep all this things in mind. Thanks for your advice.
  7. definitely a big red sign there , just block and report him Yes I did this. Thanks for suggesting.
  8. This is definitely not a good idea. I think you should report this experience to Customer Support… https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new Ok. I reported it just now. Thanks for your suggestion.
  9. Did you try sending a custom offer so he can make the order? All amount are in USD Yes first I sent 2 offers of $150. But his budget was $100, then we decided $120. Then I sent 3 offers of $120. But when he said to send file in chat, that time I said can you place order of at least $50, then also he said no. He is saying send me file and I will pay you by PayPal or Payoneer, but I want review and also I can’t trust him.
  10. Hi everyone, I saw a buyer request for making game trailer. I sent an offer and started having conversation. The conversation is too long but I can tell you in short. We decided that I will complete work and give him preview by recording my laptop with my mobile’s camera and than he will place order and I will deliver work. It was a video editing job. I did and show the preview to him and he liked it. He said very nice. But now he is saying that he will pay if I will give him original file in chat. I worked for more that 10 hours. Now he is not placing order. And my time is wasted. I did not gave him the video. 🙏 Please don’t do the mistake I have done. By the way, check my gigs. May be there is something I can do for you. Thank you, @ashishpol00 ( ASHISH R POL )
  11. You will get more buyer requests when its day time in countries like Europe (continent) and USA
  12. No need of resume. I did a translation job of too many pages for 4 months. It was a single order.
  13. no need to be 24 hours active. just keep on sending offers on buyers request
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