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  1. Hi everyone, Please help me 😦 Recently I change my business name. But I didn’t know that I cant change my username. Can anyone tell me how I can change my Fiverr username without Creat a NEW ACCOUNT.
  2. I would say use keywords that have an average number of sellers. These are likely the words that the buyer is using to find their services. If you don’t mind be asking, how do you know what keywords are normally used and which ones are more rare? @krheate honestly i dont know much about it but i thik the keyword with avg and the keyword with high number off seller , normally used.
  3. thank you so much @hedayetsaadi556 πŸ˜‡
  4. than kyou #krheate πŸ˜‡ for your suggestion. , but can you pleas tell , suppose i chose minimalist logo design, in this keyword there are so may sub keyword, should i go for the which have avg number off seller, or should i go for the lowest number of seller keyword, i low as possible ?
  5. Hello everyone πŸ˜€, I’m new in Fiverr. In the field of logo design on Fiverr, this is so comitative for a beginner, There are 100k + , 50k+, 30k+ seller in each keyword. So as a new seller should i go for Average comitative Keywords or should i go for lowest comitative Keywords ? I’m supper confessed! πŸ™ please hep me. Thanks in advance πŸ˜‡.
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