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  1. My one order got cancelled few days ago. The buyer refused to complete the order because she didn't want it anymore. And my order completion percentage fell from 100% to 89%. After one day it fell to 88% and today it fell to 86%. I want to know why is this happening? Will the percentage keep falling until I get new order? Please help.
  2. I got the level 1 seller badge around five o'clock.
  3. Has anyone upgraded to levels 1,2 today? I'm still waiting for mine. It's 4:27 pm now.
  4. Am I eligible for seller level 1 badge? And at what time Fiverr up grades all sellers? I want to attach a screenshot but am unable to do that.
  5. Do reviews matter for the promotion to the next level? Many buyers are reluctant to give reviews. 😥
  6. "Can no longer be contacted, this will not affect your rating". What does it mean? Did the buyer blocked me? Or the buyer is blocked by Fiverr?
  7. Is it necessary to match the URL of a gig to its title? Would changing the title affect it in search engines?
  8. Thank you so much for your response. I was thinking the same.
  9. Hi everyone. Please respond to this. Should a seller respond to a buyer who asks for a sample article of good length of his choice, if he likes, he would place an order further.
  10. Can I change my gig title ? Im new on fiverr? I feel my gig title needs improvement. Please help``
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