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  1. Looking forward for this sesssion to start… Ready with a pen and few papers. 😉
  2. Hi, I am thedata_boy. I have been using this forum for over a month. I have been looking for orders here since then. While following all suggestions, tips, and instructions shared here on this forum, I am still without my first order. I have been sending buyer requests, keeping myself online 24/7, and working on tips as shared by seniors over here. I am still hopeful; I will keep working and be waiting for a good day to come. I would like to share an instance that came across during this course of time on an online freelancing forum. A few days ago, I received a message in my inbox with a query asking for my willingness to work on a project. I asked for the details but I was told that if I was agreed then it would be shared. Anyhow after some deliberation, I came to know that the guy has an online product selling business and he intended to get my positive feedback on his products as a customer. In return, he would offer me the “data entry” work along with a good review. I have turned down his offer as I considered that an unethical act to do that. In the end, I seek suggestions from seniors regarding getting my first order. (I have evidence of his chat trails with him as well.)
  3. wish you all the best for first order!!!
  4. Hi, Wish you all the best!! BTW wish me for the best as well… I have been waiting for first order for over a month now. Despite routine BRs, I am still hoping for a qoutation. Let’s wait and hope with continued struggle and efforts.
  5. Welcome to the club. Wish you best of luck
  6. I have experience of using Audacity. What I have experienced initially was that If you are looking for recording music/audtion or starting a podcast; It is cubersome to start with.
  7. Hi Seniors! Greetings from a newbie. I hope all are doing well. I need your expert opinion to know how to get first order. I am passionate about working here at this impeccable plaform. I have been giving my time to know about this wonderful site and splendid oppurtunity. I am excited to be wokring all time. I would love if any you share your first experience wi
  8. Acknowledged. But thanking you for saving my time. 😉
  9. Yes, imaginzation7413, i will follow that thread to get the details. Thanks for sharing and saving my time. Cheers
  10. Hi All, I was just looking around for any analytics showing a comparative analysis amid all services being provided by sellers or areas looking for by the prospective buyers. Link me up, if there is any. Thanks in advance
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