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  1. I joined fiverr through a friend this month {but heard about it since 2020} …I was very frustrated working as a maid and I was praying to God that he provide a more and well paying job that I can do and luckily I talked to a friend on Facebook about it…he then introduced fiverr to me, I said I had no skill he said I should just type fiverr on my chrome browser that I would get to know it little by little which I did and made research for two weeks and Finally I found out the service I can render proficiently and now I think I’m the best at what I do { Web Traffic].
  2. This is a wow @marinapomorac I didn’t know she has done all of this before [ swears] I apologize that I judged you so fast but anyways her post taught me some motivational lessons.
  3. www. banana.com www. orange.com www. avocado.com www. kiwi.com www. chickenbreast.com www. watermelon.com www. strawberry.com www. wholegrain.com www. herbaltea.com and many more, all organic. I don’t think you need to do this seriously because I think she doesn’t know the effects there that’s why she asked…everybody here has contributed a lot but you do not need to do this ma’am
  4. I’ve been going through the fiverr forum lately but how do you guys think I can get my gigs promoted by fiverr? Or If I promote it on social media do you think it can help? And also can you guys pls go through my account plus gigs plus tell me anything I can use to improve my fiverr gig
  5. I think he means fiverr backlink…
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