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  1. Thank you for sharing these comments. A lot of people come here with the impression that gigs will be given to them without self-promotion and a good portfolio of actual work they have done as well as a track record of satisfied customers to back it up. The most important factors for me that have allowed me to have enough customers is the ability to see these work as a business instead of just freelancing opportunity. I took this as an inspiration after reading about Steve Carell on Steve Carell Net Worth and Path to Wealth - Just Start Investing where he started low and went all the way high.
  2. I mean it all comes down to how much you’re willing for such a program. It sounds quite complex to start with and the description is not that clear to me. On top of that it’s not easy for a machine to imitate human writing as the variables are way too many. Everyone writes differently per se.If you have such a great idea that might even make you money I would suggest you to visit site and talk to some developers that will be able to set you up in Ukraine and find you all the necessary programmers for your task. You might end up with your business.
  3. I also had the same question from one of my prospects last week. The funny part is that I do use Google sheets, and he also uses Google sheets, but he still cannot find a way to open it and keeps asking for another one. Most of the time is just a mistake on the other end of the line but in this case I think it was most probably a simple error in transferring the data from one sheet to another. Funny thing is that before making this sheet I never knew I could use airtable as an extension to simplify things, and they describe it accurately here Export Airtable to Google Sheets No-Code | Coupler.io Blog with pictures and everything, so you know how to do it next time you need it.
  4. It’s like asking for the impossible. They are just accommodated with the luxury of PayPal doing it for them.
  5. My name is Iuri and I’m a Social media manager. Nice to see you all.
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