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  1. Impression means “how many times your gig is appearing in the search”. So SEO is important here. Target low competitive keywords for the title as well as tags. For click use eye-catchy images and avg pricing for your gig. I guess it’ll help you Thanks
  2. Greetings, I’ve uploaded my NID and my selfie. How much time it’ll take to remove this message? Screenshot_11363×87 5.26 KBThanks, Ayon
  3. Well, you can share your gig on social sites. Twitter and Linkedin work for me. Just try this for 2-3 days and see the difference. And try to be active on Fiverr.
  4. Try to send 10 buyer requests every day and stay online. BR is the best friend of new sellers.
  5. Here are some tips for writing an effective offer. I’ve researched a lot on writing effective buyer requests to win a job. Step 1- Read the BR minimum 2 times and try to find out buyers’ requirements and problems. Step 2- Tell him the way you are going to solve his problems. Step 3- If you have any demo work which matches his requirement attach the link. These steps will increase the chance of getting the job. Good luck
  6. Well, no one can answer it perfectly I guess. Some of my teachers said don’t edit your gig. You can try, if you edit your gig it’ll disappear from the search for 24-48 hours and I guess you don’t want that.
  7. It’s wrong bro. Why should people click on your gig?
  8. If the buyers knock you and you failed to convert them to order, yes for this your gig will lose rank.
  9. You’ll have to talk to the buyer about some of your extra services you are going to provide the buyer. Try to provide some extra advantages which not mentioned in your gig service. Then increase the price in your custom offer.
  10. I’ve seen back and forth discussions of “stay active on Fiverr” on various threads and couldn’t help myself to state a few things I’ve noticed. Firstly, without staying active on Fiverr or simply put without logging into Fiverr how am I going to improve my gigs or see what others are doing right, etc. If staying active doesn’t help, does staying inactive help me to get an order? Secondly, if I stay active and online all the time will it have a meaningful impact to get any orders? To sum up I think “staying active” as an advice is being taken too literally. As @sabinespoems has pointed out it’s a personal preference and if we have enough time on our hands, we can be online as much as we can on working on things which help. Yes you are right, this is why I’ve suggested to be active
  11. I’ve read many topics on this forum debunking this theory plus other articles on the web where none of this ‘stay online’ stuff either came up, or was sufficiently substantiated. So if you have a concrete example that it works by all means share it with us all. But you know what, I’ll meet you halfway! Of course, if you’re online and a buyer uses the ‘online sellers’ filter it helps. Some buyers want to have a direct response and an online seller is likely to provide that. My point of saying it’s false is because people might believe simply being online will bring in sales. Consequently, they might get no sleep just to stay online when that’s simply not worth it. I hope this clarifies a bit better why I said what I said 😁 That’s the point. No SEO will work if you are offline while the buyer is using that filter.
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