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  1. I am new seller in Fiverr marketplace 😍
  2. What is the real way to success of the new seller ?
  3. You can create more than 2 gigs of same category as well. I used a word same category not used same gig. Fiverr not allow to create same gigs or copied gigs or downloaded pictures from any open site as a cover photo etc etc, there are the reasons of sending warning. You can create more than 2 gigs of same category but the gig material should be different in all. Hope you got your answer. Hello @buckleupgenius, It’s really good to hear that by following this post you received 2 orders. It is not only good for me to hear but it also gives motivation to others as well. Keep sharing your thoughts and help others to grow too. Most welcome and stay blessed. Good luck for more. Hello @kimberlyhn100, Thanks for taking my point as a valid and positive point. Yes, time is everything and time is money! Good to hear that you are working hard without losing hopes, keep doing it. Stay blessed and motivated. Best regards, Thank you so much your valuable advice 😍
  4. Welcome on fiverr forum. Carry on. 😍
  5. Hello Everyone, I’m new to the Fiverr forum. Wish me luck.Have a good day !
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