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  1. Please don’t feel attacked or anything because people tell you that your Gig settings are inappropriate. It may come off as harsh but it’s true - you’re literally selling your soul rather than a product. I think it’ll be fine if you just set a higher price and remove the unlimited revisions.
  2. Thanks a lot! ^-^ So far I’ve only had good experiences. :3
  3. Thanks for your reply! Wish you all the best and great success! 😉
  4. Hello dear fellows! I started my own Fiverr account 10 days ago and I wanted to introduce myself to you! 😃 My name is Sandra, I’m from Germany and I offer custom digital artworks, fanfiction and (since today) personalized dakimakuras. (For those who don’t know what that is - it’s an oversized body pillow.) Of course my dashboard is not exactly overflowing with orders but that’s alright. I’m still trying myself around here and want to build up a customer base over the time. 🙂 But I have to say I’ve already had some very positive experiences with buyers as well as sellers. Most of the people here are very reliable and do their jobs well. I’m really happy that a friend of mine recommended this website to me - it’s so full of possibilities! That’s it from my side - hope you have a wonderful day. 🙂
  5. Hello and welcome to Fiverr! I’m pretty new here myself but I can already say that this place is just the best to try yourself as a freelancer! Wish you all the best and a lot of fun~ ^^
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