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  1. Lets share different ideas about "how to get your gig ranked/ how to improve your gig". I will go first. Add minimum 2 images with keywords to your gig. upload a video with a keyword in it. attach best samples of your work. Keep the title small and captivating.
  2. The buyers were not that active last month. There must be some reason. Well you can still keep working on your gigs and profile so that it will be ranked for next month. When I do not get any order, I start sending buyer request and edit the gig with the least views and impressions It improves the overall profile. Try that.
  3. That is AMAZINGGG!!! Do share some of the useful tips with us. 🙂
  4. Do not worry about them. Some people thing its funny to belittle others. You should be the bigger man and just ignore such people. Attention is what they crave.
  5. ||I was giving an advice. A genuine one, saying "send them email first". I was not accusing anyone or anything. She directly jumped on me accusing me of giving advice that will get the person's account banned. So well, this forum is for helping each other, not to belittle each other. If you thin I am wrong, just say so. Don't start fighting about it. That was my whole point.
  6. Do not jump on people just because you do not have enough knowledge yourself. I have inquired them about this myself months ago. and this is why I know it. So get your facts right before accusing others.
  7. Yes. That is true. Specially now when Fiverr gives chance to new sellers by ranking their gigs on first page for a short period of time. And if they successfully maintain the quality of work, their gig remains ranked. When I started my fiverr account, this kick start by Fiverr was not introduced. 😄 I had to work really hard.
  8. Yes! That is possible too if your gig gets ranked. But its not always the case. What niche does your services relate to?
  9. Oh, I do not remember the exact number but it was surely more than hundred. I researched a lot about writing the right offer. And I tried to spend 24 hours on Fiverr. Like checking it again and again for buyer requests and finding new ways to make my profile better.
  10. Once I had a positive review, It didnt take me long in getting the second order. I got my first order in the end of 2nd month and the 2nd order in the mid of 3rd month.
  11. Hey! welcome to Fiverr. Tricks to get orders: 1) stay active on fiverr 2) Keep sending buyer requests ( keep checking buyer requests page, You will get an idea about the timings of new buyer requests) 3) Optimized your gigs. ( search for top ranked gig and see the tags and keywords they used.) 4) Offer extras with the gigs.
  12. When I started working on fiverr, it took me 3-4 months in actually getting it to make some profit. I got my first order through buyer requests. The tip is to keep sending buyer requests regularly. Your offer should be customized to each request. Do not get demotivated if you don't receive reply instantly. You will eventually get an order. Keep working hard.
  13. Never deliver your work before the client has placed an order. There is no way you can get your money now. May this be a lesson for future. You can report the ID of client and the Fiverr time will definitely block that account after taking things into consideration. Do not let it demotivate you. 🙂
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