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  1. fiverr CS cancelled my order inspite of buyer acceptation of the order and leaving 5* rating.it was $400 project.feeling very disappointed
  2. In this case, the cheater buyers get a lot of opportunities.after completing everything they delete our work and then complain against us fiverr trust them easily and then cancel the order give them refund.thus they make their order done by us without giving any payment. i just stunned seeing that fiverr doesn’t feel the need to discuss us.they take decision based on buyer’s opinion
  3. i completed a order with 5* review.after completing everything buyer bring some allegation against me which was baseless and obviously his allegation was out of my order scope.he asked for refund.but i tried my best to make him understand that it was not my fault. but suddenly i noticed in morning that fiverr canceled my order without informing me. i dont know what type of rule it is! Maybe he deleted my work and able to make understand fiverr CS that it was my fault. but i have all proof. but I am so disappointed about this.if they do like this.i dont know what should i do in that.case.i spent so much time, effort, dedication to complete his project.he gave me so much modification and i did all.he was very satisfied and left 5*.but why he did like this feeling so much disappointed and frustrated about this
  4. ok. one thing,i just want to make sure that if the buyer asks to fiverr CS for canceling the order and backing the fund inspitte of leaving 5 star review and giving good feedback ,how fiverr CS will treat with him?
  5. i knocked CS describing all details and they replied me below Hello there, My name is Evan and I can look into this for you. I checked on this, and from what I can see the buyer marked the order as completed and gave you a positive review. If there are some issues with something that is within the scope of the Gig, you can offer to provide some assistance with it. However, if they are asking for something that wasn’t part of the initial requirements when the order was created, you do not have obligation to work on what they are asking. I can see that the buyer placed another order FO71749AC68C5 as well, and if they are now asking for additional work, you can send them another offer for that if you are able to do what they are asking. Just make sure to continue to communicate with the buyer and provide an explanation in regards to this. Kind regards
  6. he already accepted the order and left 5* review.in that case fiverr CS will cancel the order still?
  7. My buyer requirement was i have to redesign his website from wpbakery to elementor.as he did n’t want to keep his website in maintenance mood,he asked me to develop his site in my host.after completing design ,then i had to migrate it from my host to his host.i have done what he said.he gave me to do so much fixing and i had done all.after all thing he was satisfied my work accepeted the order and left 5* review. now he wants to refund it.his allegation is he did not find his site on google rank.it’s a part of SEO.and of course its a common matter that after redesign he lost his rank on google.i mentioned him that i am not SEO expert.my job was to redesign and i did it perfectly.but he did not get it and asking for refund after completing the order.so what should i do in that case?
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