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  1. ,But the photo was not attached to the order. He sent it to me when he was talking to me.Check the screenshot
  2. Order has completed. There is no option for send revision. Following message is showing, “is waiting for an update from you for 7 days.” Can any friend explain the reason for this message with a completed order? Time countdown is running, now 7 days. How *How to fix the above problem? new2021y1249×167 50.2 KB Regards KD Don(pixel4graphic)
  3. good day ,Welcome to Fiverr; best of luck!
  4. good day,Welcome to Fiverr; best of luck!
  5. Welcome and best of luck to the fiverr forum community…!
  6. Hi, there I am a new seller and I have one gig, but my conversion rate goes down, can you help me? How to Do that? how to increase the conversion rate on Fiverr? Regard KD Don(pixel4graphic)
  7. Hi friends, I am new to the Fiverr forum. Please welcome me.
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