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  1. My gig is ranking very good but suddenly day by day impressions start decreasing⬇️, what should I do? Please check my gig and let me know. I am so worried 😟. This is the link click on it.
  2. The answer is really accurate. I just linked so that any one wants to contact for any query.
  3. According to me, A buyer bought my service and he wants revisions almost 5 to 6 times along with it he completed the order in almost 4 to 5 days automatically. I delivered different deliveries. So it concludes that a buyer who approaches you several times, even for modifications or to purchase a service again from you know as returning buyer.
  4. @nerdmilkstudios Its Fiverr algorithms rule when you are ranking as a top rate or level 2. It will suddenly drop your ranking unfortunately to give a chance to new sellers. just try to promote your gig on social plateforms
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