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  1. Hey! I initiated my first refund through paypal and I have a few doubts. Do i need to set up a business profile? Is kyc needed?On initiating refund, paypal asked me to go to resolution center and fill in additional information, how ever there was nothing there. Any help with that please?How do i know if the refund is in process?Any eads in the above questions would be a huge help. Thankyou for your time.
  2. Hi! I am not getting anything on my buyer’s request page. I have 6 gigs on my page at the moment. Can someone please help me figure out the issue? thankyou
  3. Hi! I am new on fiverr, I have made an account and added gigs. My doubt is, Do I have to confirm my paypal/payment account before getting any orders, or I can do it later when I recieve my first payment?
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