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  1. I will take a test on my Fiverr account about adobe photoshop but the score is not satisfied to me. I want to retest again and want to know that is possible? if I got less than before marks then is my before mark remain or 2nd test mark add my account. Thanks
  2. Thank you so much for your kind information.
  3. I will send so many buyer requests from my account but I didn’t get received any order yet. How can I improve this and get an order? Anyone, please suggest to me some tips about this.
  4. If i change any gig information then Is it lost his rank?
  5. 1.Stay online 2.Share your gig on social media. 3.Send 10 buyer request a day Hope you can get good result from here. Thanks
  6. How can I increase my sales? Anyone, please suggest to me some tips and tricks
  7. But i need to change some information and i already do this. Is my gig show after24-48 or not .
  8. If I change my active fiverr gig information. Is it hamper for my gig or drop it rank? Advanced Thanks
  9. May i use same payoneer account which i use my present account and same image if i create new one fiverr account.Is that any effect in my payoneer account or fiverr profile.
  10. Is it possible to change Fiverr profile name from cut out way to Biddut sarkar? Thanks
  11. No no i don’t have two account in same pc rather i want to know that if i create separate account in separate pc. Is there any problem or not?
  12. No mention of > 1 person. I think there are some misunderstands. Actually i want to know that. I’ve 2 computer in my home and two computer are running from one internet line. So my question is here if I create two fiverr account in my two pc then, have there any problem or not?
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