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  1. What a creative mind you have 😂 Brilliant! 💥
  2. I’m trying to find out why my gigs are not getting impressions an clicks. My one gig is on 1st page , other gigs are showing on 2nd and 3rd pages. I was receiving 79 to 80 impressions with 3, 4 clicks average, but from last 2, 3 days, i’m receiving average 17 impressions and 0 or 1 click though gigs are still on same pages, don’t know why they’re going down day by day :woman_shrugging:t2:
  3. I’m also facing the same problem :frowning_face:
  4. What kind of orders you guys mostly received in data entry gig? May be it sounds funny but as we know that data entry is a broad field and is not as simple as it sounds and buyers not only demand the work that simply belongs to excel or word or not only restrict to the services we have listed in gig description. So what kind of services they want other than known services that everyone has put in their gig’s description. And also I’m new on this platform so I want to know. I hope you’re getting my point. Thanks 😊
  5. Hello Fiverr Community! Hope you doing well 😃 What is the best time of the day (morning/ evening or night) when Pakistani or Indian sellers receive maximum orders or messages on Fiverr? Please share your experience Thanks.
  6. What would that help? Is that how you get around the rules on other things? :roll_eyes: For the OP, I suggest you research if there is another way to manage an Instagram account for clients. If there isn’t, you can specify in your gig description that you will need their password in order to complete the job and make it a requirement upon ordering. Otherwise, you can always ask CS for clarification to be 100% sure. Its a short term suggestion, if his buyer is awaiting otherwise your advice is really helpful 👍
  7. You can promote your gigs through social media platform
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