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  1. same is the case for my gigs i don’t know what to do help anyone
  2. no there is this promoting gigs something on fiverr too wanted to know about that
  3. hello everyone, can someone guide me the steps from where i can promote my gigs thankyou
  4. I had the same problem, it is that as the the cancelled order will complete the 60 days durations and it will be automatically be removed from the system your rate will increase as for now the orders completed before the cancellation order are being removed too as there duration of 60 days has been finished that is effecting your rate now but as the cancelled order will be removed and you’re rate will be back to 100% if till that time no order has been cancelled.
  5. I did I hope they reply before 15 because I was going be promoted to level one
  6. hello everyone can any one guide me why my order completion dropped from 91% to 88% as I had completed all the requirements for the level one seller and in the mean time no order was cancelled yet it dropped automatically to 88
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