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  1. @ashik1105 welcome to the Fiverr community.try to active Fiverr and send buyer request regularly.
  2. post full screenshot then someone help you.
  3. I am using 1600*1076 and fit for gig image:relaxed:
  4. Welcome to the Fiverr community ❤️ best of luck
  5. Welcome to the Fiverr forum community. Best of luck ❤️
  6. Welcome to the fiverr forum community.
  7. welcome to fiverr forum community. ❤️
  8. These 2 things have absolutely nothing to do with where your Gig is shown on Fiverr. Gigs are rotated. There is nothing you can do to always be on page 1. GG thanx for your valuable information 💓
  9. Thank you for your valuable information 💓
  10. In the morning when I search the WordPress landing page my gig show on the 2nd page but at night the gig shows the 3rd or 4th page. what should I do about these changes, please someone see my gig and tell me what can I do about this? around active 18-20 hours per day and also the forum. Fiverr.com Mahmud_monir: I will do wordpress landing page or squeeze page with elementor...For only $5, Mahmud_monir will do wordpress landing page or squeeze page with elementor pro. | Welcome to my gigAre you looking for an expert to build your WordPress landing page design or sales funnel? Are you looking for someone to | Fiverr
  11. Welcome to Fiverr community and best wish for you 💓
  12. Try to active Fiverrshare your gig social mediasend effective buyer requestHope you will find your 1st order
  13. @anik_islam19 welcome Fiverr family again and active regularly and send your gig social media. if have your skills don’t be nervous and start your journey again.
  14. thanks for sharing valuable information so that new seller alert for this mistake.
  15. gray color post already you view and read this post that’s way this is gray color
  16. wow, that’s great for seller and buyer both they discuss about their project 😍
  17. some suggestion for success 1) need to follow Fiverr trams and conditions 2) At first need skilled full gig create 3) Try to active Fiverr and Fiverr community 4) focus on your word 5) update with lasted work
  18. Thank you so much. Its a very helpful for the seller 💞
  19. send effective buyer request, try to active more time, share gig social media 😊
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