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  1. Its true, but there are so many person I personally know them, they are just a new seller but within 2 month they achieved level one seller. But how they done? or how Fiverr algorithm work? I don't understand.
  2. Review your gig and create new gig with low competition.
  3. welcome to fiverr forums. be patient with fiverr.
  4. thanks for letting me know 😍
  5. thanks for letting me know 😄
  6. My computer show me also this one.
  7. Last month i had one cancelation that’s why order completion rate fall down. After a long time there is no order, a few days ago i had one order and there were 3/4 times revision. Than i found my previous all review wasn’t show my fiverr apps. It’s show only N/A in the circle. What can i do for this?
  8. This is awesome tips for mine. thanks
  9. From this video i learn new lesson about fiverr. thanks for informe us
  10. This post is clear my false concept of impression and fiverr owner activity. but there is a problem that is “effective gig promoting is so important here” how can i promote effectively and get more client?
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