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  1. Actually it’s nothing complex. SEO is important in every marketplace. And seo is not a do it once and forget type of work. It’s a continuous process. Keep improving your gig description by following the best practices. When you see your own gig in search that means it’s working.
  2. It’s kind of like open secret at this point. Spend good amount of time on improving your gig description and keep improving them until you see the result. Be proactive. Focus on quality rather than money. Once you start seeing some result then start improving bit by bit. Increase price bit by bit.
  3. Yes I agree. But at the end, if the order is not cancelled it might lead to negative review. Both cancellation and negative review is bad when you are just starting out. For example: i cancelled couple of such orders only when I had completed plenty of orders. So, I would still suggest do the extra work if you are a new buyer. And if you completed plenty of orders and already have good reputation go for customer support or cancellation.
  4. Believe me, if you cancel it will feel good for now but 2 months later you will feel sorry. I have done it multiple times. So, I know. Talk with your buyer by being as humble as possible. Tell him what extra work you have to do. If he is good buyer he might just give you extra for the extra work. Or let him know that you are doing extra work by being as humble as possible, so that he becomes grateful.
  5. Based on my experience, fiverr don’t do anything when it comes buyer. So, my suggestion would be bite the bullet. As you are new here focus on the rating and feedback not on the money. It will serve in the long run. But if you are here to earn some quick buck, this solution does not apply to you.
  6. Contact fiverr customer support. Typically they response within couple of hours. In the mean time try to be as humble as possible with your communication. Do not give any hints that you are communicating with customer support. I did that on multiple occasion.
  7. It does not matter when you become active. But as soon as you do, try to be as active as possible. I opened account in 2018. Started seriously about 5 months ago. Now I completed over 100+ order with perfect 5 star rating till now.
  8. Thank you so much for your important feedback. 👍
  9. I am interested in this program.
  10. ***** Take Action! ****** https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/new/gig What can we help you with? (GIG) What is the issue with your gig? (My Gig doesn’t appear in search) Which Gig are you trying to locate? (Select your gig) If you still need any help with this issue, contact a Customer Support Specialist here and we’ll be happy to help. (here) Subject Description Attachments (no need but if you do your choice) Submit Request Wait, it will be solved within 1/2 day
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