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  1. Before creating a new id, You should confirm that You have deactivated the previous id.
  2. Your whole portfolio really impressed me. Share Your gigs on social medias and keep patience. You will get orders very soon, I hope.
  3. There are both good and bad buyers on every marketplace. It’s unfortunate that You have faced a tricky buyer.
  4. Create more gigs with perfect keyword settings and eye-catchy thumbnail and image. Best wishes for You.
  5. At first, gather more and more knowledge about creating a gig, putting the right keywords. You must research others gigs related to Your category. The more and more You research, the more and more You will learn…
  6. That’s great… really great…
  7. It’s really great and very interesting…
  8. The post is very informative and helpful. I will help the freshers.
  9. ‘79 five star reviews’- this will make the gig interesting and believable to me. But I think I will take a look over the gig at first. If I become sure that, the gig is perfect for me, then I will not go anywhere else.
  10. Make the thumbnail attractive. Something professional but noticeable among all other’s gigs. Use a clean and professional profile picture with simple background. Thank You…
  11. It’s a matter of joy to have a 5 star review for the first time in FIVERR. It has made me more confident. However, I am Ray, I am an expert in Logo Design and a professional Brand Developer. I am a new seller in FIVERR. Pray for me. Thank You.
  12. @vibronx Your inspiration will help a lot of new sellers like me. Thank You & Congratulation…
  13. @azmain7 Try to publish more gigs… Make Your profile picture eye-catching. Both of the quality eye-catching and professionalism is needed. Make Your gig titles and thumbnail attractive and for creating a gig perfectly keyword research is a must. Try to reply the buyer requests daily. Have a nice journey on FIVERR… Thanks…
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