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  1. Thank you for the advice. I really do think that I let it all get to my head and made it more important than it should have been. I'm still pretty new to this and learning as I go, so I find that posting on the forum as well as reading through different posts help me to learn what I can do for success and how to deal with difficult situations. Thank you for your responses, and I'll be sure to learn from past mistakes! I wish you good luck with your own business as well 🙂
  2. I guess I explained it a little poorly, I just didn't want to make it too wordy. Giving a buyer everything they want and more is something I strive to do anyway, Fiverr's Choice or not. I guess I just felt a bit more pressure on this one as there was a message that said something along the lines of 'make this a good one' or something? And there was some more information as well. I honestly was elated to get on Fiverr's Choice and have some recognition for my hard work, it just turned south very fast, and I felt that with the pressure of it suddenly being different from a regular order, that I had to treat it differently, I had to be more delicate. And I guess all of it wasn't about Fiverr's Choice either, more along the lines of there being no control to ensure that someone didn't get to run away with my work that they said they liked and was satisfied with, but just felt like they wanted something completely different on a whim, trying to get me to give them two for the price of one. And there was literally nothing stopping them from just downloading the draft I'd already given them and cancelling the order, ensuring that they got something for free anyway and I got nothing for the hours I spent working with them on it. Does that make sense? Sorry that was a lot.
  3. I've been a seller on the platform since around December, and have found fairly decent success in my community (story/fanfiction writing). Recently--within the last couple of months--I've noticed that several of the orders I've gotten were marked as 'Fiverr's Choice'. I honestly had no idea what that meant, and had to look it up on this forum to find out what it entailed. Mostly what I found was people talking about how they've been selling for years and never gotten a 'Fiverr's Choice' or wondering how each gig was selected for it. I do not know, but I just want to share right now that even if it's something you want, something you think will help with your gig and increase sales, it can quickly become a nightmare for a seller. Let me explain: I was very happy to have gotten it at first. It meant that maybe my gig was going to garner more attention, my sales would go up and I would make some more money. But it quickly turned into a situation where I had no control over anything. The review from the buyer is completely private and I can only assume that Fiverr uses it as a way to either boost or all but take your gig off of the main page. You're basically forced into giving a buyer everything and anything they ask for, and while I'm all for that, it quickly became apparent that even if boundaries are being set, a buyer can completely step over that line if you want to maintain that good review. I had a buyer that wanted a short piece, and I was very excited to write it. I rewrote that piece about eight times for them, before they finally decided that they wanted something completely different, a completely new story, something that I didn't agree to. Not only would that mean all of my time had been wasted, but that also meant they would be getting a completely free piece that they would be free to download and use as they wished. There was and is no way for a seller to cancel an order, and I was on the verge of having an order cancelled (and all my hard work still going to them for the cost of nothing), and I jut knew my review was going down the drain. I haven't had more than two orders within the last three months. My gig is pretty much not getting any exposure, but today I got yet another Fiverr's Choice order and I am quite scared for what is to come. I'm not ungrateful for the opportunity, just horrified at the lack of support and control Fiverr gives to any of its sellers. I guess I just want to hear other's experiences and opinions, maybe warn people about this as well. There is no choice to opt out or in and it seems that gigs are chosen at random.
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