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  1. Then, When fiverr checked and found they will warn you for the first time. But If you did it again they will take action agains you. Thank you. For more information, Read abou Fiverr TOS in GOOGLE.
  2. Brother, You only can share your portfolio link, When you reply a buyer request. Thank you. Remember you can’t share any kind of contact information in fiverr inbox. Thank you.
  3. Good Brother. Go on. Don’t waste any time. Always try to upgrade your skills.
  4. Brother I will prefer you to do a Fiverr Course, That will help you a lot to understand Fiverr strategy very well. Thank You.
  5. What’s up, everyone! I’m Mayeen. I’m a WordPress Website Designer. I have a question: Can I use my Flicker link in my Fiverr profile description? Thank You. Take love from Bangladesh.
  6. Yes, you are right, I was wrong. But one thing you don’t know! I know my country people very well, I know which kind of links they are talking about. And I also understand your reply; You are talking about all of this: ammyy.comblogspot.comflickr.commixcloud.comreverbnation.comsoundcloud.comspotify.comteamviewer.comtumblr.comvimeo.comwetransfer.comwikipedia.orgyoutube.comHahaha hahaha, But you don’t know my country people.
  7. How many days did that take you? :thinking: Your question prompted me to look at my forum reading stats. I have read for 67 days! 😳 Hey Vickie, it’s only take 17 days to gain this read-count. Thank you.
  8. Thank you so much, Take love Brother :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  9. Hello Fiverr Community, I just complete the 1k post read. Thanks all. Through this process, I gain a lot of knowledge. Screenshot1110×121 1.84 KB
  10. It’s better to be a white hat user, Hope you understand. Thank you. 🙂
  11. I’m also agree with @benedictrm . This is a marathon not a sprint race. It’s true but to win this you have more patience that no one have in this marathon. After that you will be the winner. Good Luck.
  12. Thank you so much, man. God bless you. Stay happy, stay safe. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Take love from Bangladesh.
  13. You know i would like to advice you that just remove your gig and upload a new one with strong keywords and all kind of gig ranking staff. Thank you. Bye the way you are look like Mahira Khan( Pakistani Actress), I would like to call you Mahira lite. Hahhahahaha
  14. Please read all the information that send to you via mail.
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