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  1. I have been working in different marketplaces including Fiverr. I usually develop WordPress themes and plugins. Issue 1: When buyers place an order to a gig they are able to submit requirements. So after completing the requirements, I can send a test website access to the client where the client can test my work, and after testing client confirms and I proceed with the delivery. Afterward, the client just keeps telling about extra work and refuses to mark the order as complete until he/she gets all the extra works done. Most of the clients do it intentionally knowing Fiverr’s unsolicited rule that “Fiverr can’t force a client to accept an order or force to communicate with the seller” Issue 2: Though the work is done and working on all other websites client claiming that it is not working on his website and refuse to provide his website access though I don’t have any environment to allocate the issue. Because it is working on every test website. In this case, Fiverr declare that they are being neutral but they are not trying to understand that I’ve worked for him it is working fine with all other systems even if you have the video proof nonetheless Fiverr will say the same thing. So in this case client just try to take advantage due to the unsolicited rule. Even this isn’t mentioned in Fiverr terms of service that they can’t force clients to mark the order as complete. So, I am very much disappointed and frustrated and not getting any new orders but my gig appears in 1-5 position of a search result 😌 because I don’t want to proceed anymore where I feel insecure to work but paying 20% from my revenue of hard work. I know no one can help me out there with a good working suggestion because everyone feels insecure in this case. So, it’s better to leave. Thanks.
  2. There are no limitation in revision. If you give 5 revision but the delivered file is not complete yet then buyer can ask for revision for 6,7 and so on times. So there is no limitation for revision. If you work is not complete client has right to ask for revision. But if you work is done and client asking for something extra which isn’t in requirements then tell client that you will charge for extra work. If client refuse to add extra charge then tell him that you’ve done the work according to the requirement and the work is done. So keep delivering the work. If you’ve done anything in client’s system then make a screen record before the dispute so you can show fiverr customer support that you’ve done the work according to the requirements. So if client contact fiverr customer support and cancel the order then you can contact with the proof and get the compensation. Once I also such kind of bad experience but fiverr customer support is so much flexible if you have proofs. Regards 🙂
  3. Make sure you’ve only one account. If a connection has multiple account and each account from different person and different service then it won’t cause any issue. Regards 🙂
  4. Make sure your gig has been published and use unique description with an attractive gig image 🙂 Regards
  5. Just make a proof that your work is done according to the requirements. I mean in my reply that if you’ve worked in a system which is only accessible to credentials and not public to show any 3rd party then just make video that you’ve done the work according the requirement like if you’ve made a plugin which only works in a website’s backend so just make a video that how the plugin works then if client refuse to access the delivery then contact with customer support with the requirement and proof video. I hope you understand 🙂 Regards
  6. If you get late status because of client’s unresponsiveness then before you deliver make a time extend then it will not impact on your on time delivery value. Or you can discuss the problem with you client and tell him to extend time before you deliver. Remember if you deliver when the order status is late then if client accept the delivery the it will impact on your on time deliver value and if you extend time then it won’t. Regards 🙂
  7. Make sure you’ve done the work according to the requirement or whatever you agreed upon discussion. Then if you’ve done anything for which you need to access to any system by credentials which provided by client then after completing the work make a video that your work is done otherwise client may change the credentials and you won’t be able to prove that you’ve worked. If client make any dispute then contact customer support with your proofs. Regards 🙂
  8. Analysis the gigs who providing service like yours.Create a gig with attractive image ,unique description and describe why you are special.Make packages with reasonable price.Use accurate tags.Stay online as much as you can. (Not less than 12 hours at the beginning from my opinion).Send buyer requests.Regards 🙂
  9. Keep updating your gig’s content like image, price and description.
  10. There is a specific category regarding App development you can create a gig with in category and mention the platform also. Regards
  11. Hello there, I’ve an order with incomplete status. Client is not submitting the requirement so the order is not starting. So how can I cancel this order without contacting customer support and without any impact in order completion rate. Regards 🙂
  12. There are a lot of seller who provides same service in fiverr like your service. So have to ensure that you are better than others. So make your gig content unique and catchy, set a reasonable price package, pick the accurate tag. Moreover try to be online as much as you can. So fiverr will automatically boost your Rank in search result 🙂
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