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  1. IT would be unique interesting look gig and need a better 5 star review will reach you up and next time you get more orders and also maintain the fiverr rules four 1. maintain minimum 4.7 rating ( 60 day course). 2. completing orders 100% ( 60 day course). 3. Without warning in 60 days. 4. Response time GOOD Ok now will you at good level in FIVERR
  2. Hello guys , I have an important Tips , If you are a good seller in fiverr and you have also orders or your are a beginner reaching up seller , so don't make a rating of minimum under 4.7 . It will affect your sales in fiverr also you are a beginner seller Also.so keep in mind SO IT HAVE A SOLUTION : GIVE your Clients / Customers a Good WORK and Make a Good Communication with the sellers. This is not a small thing , Think BIG , I have also faced this , Keep in Mind👈 Everyone wish you a Good life in FIVERR
  3. Still iam very Happy😍😍 also sad my grandpa was died yesterday ,yet i have getting lots of orders for my new gig , thanks for fiverr buyers and sellers and also fiverr family. iam continuously trying work hard and take patience to get new orders Never fall back or go back in failure , keep trying and work hard . pleasant your customer mind when every work have you been done. give a friendship to the buyer. keep a good communication and custom reliable amount to charge customers. keep trying. work for passion not for money , passion leads first😎.
  4. Its feeling good , good works are comeing 😍

  5. Bro, tag changing will harm our gigs ranking, when dont change, discripirion, Tags and Title
  6. Yea thanks, i will change​:heart_eyes:😍
  7. Thanks bro for the valuable information​:heart_eyes:😍
  8. HELLO GUYS , good afternoon , today i am here you to talk about my gigs , I changed my gigs images , were , good images can attract clients and buyers ,BE Active in Fiverr & Forum , the Clients will definitely comes & get orders i am uploading attracting images - Everyone would like it , say cheese 😍 …Have a good selling wishes to all my members in FIVERR Family . " CHECK MY PROFILE TO SEE ATTRACTING WORKS " Fiverr.com Phoenix__org: I will do cartoon disney drawing ,art, vector , illustration...For only $5, Phoenix__org will do cartoon disney drawing ,art, vector , illustration sketch. | SIMPLE DRAWINGS- Full body - Shading - B/W - B/g - BASIC resolutionDetailed clean DRAWINGS - Full body - B/W/Color - B/g - STANDARD resolutionHigh | Fiverr Fiverr.com Phoenix__org: I will do awesome character comic illustrations black and white...For only $5, Phoenix__org will do awesome character comic illustrations black and white. | HELLO THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!Have You Been Looking For An Awesome CHARACTER ILLUSTRATION COMIC ?......Well Search No Further Because In This Very Professional...
  9. Here we are in a bad covid 19 situation facing. Everyone would take care and stay safe… Be at Home, dont go for outside without any reason, if you go for outside dont go without wearing Mask. Stay safe and wish a good selling in fiverr to upcoming future​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:😊
  10. it was very good and awesome , Always iam active in forum so i can see this post, iam feeling 😍
  11. welcome to the community of fiverr forum bro ☺️
  12. keep trying bro its help you lot , first aim for a level one seller , then hardwork , it will definitely done 😇
  13. you can contact to fiverr staffs or message to fiverr customer support bro 👍
  14. Yea really bro… Well സൈഡ്, everyone appericiate it​:heart_eyes:😍
  15. GUYZ , I am roshan i am an artist , Designer & Editor in fiverr as about one year . still i have small amount of orders coming sometimes not , but still i am waiting for awesome customers and buyers to sell my products . 😍 …hope i am waiting for good clients and i give 100% guarantied awesome work i will sell :star_struck:
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