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  1. IT would be unique interesting look gig and need a better 5 star review will reach you up and next time you get more orders and also maintain the fiverr rules four 1. maintain minimum 4.7 rating ( 60 day course). 2. completing orders 100% ( 60 day course). 3. Without warning in 60 days. 4. Response time GOOD Ok now will you at good level in FIVERR
  2. Hello guys , I have an important Tips , If you are a good seller in fiverr and you have also orders or your are a beginner reaching up seller , so don't make a rating of minimum under 4.7 . It will affect your sales in fiverr also you are a beginner seller Also.so keep in mind SO IT HAVE A SOLUTION : GIVE your Clients / Customers a Good WORK and Make a Good Communication with the sellers. This is not a small thing , Think BIG , I have also faced this , Keep in Mind👈 Everyone wish you a Good life in FIVERR
  3. Still iam very Happy😍😍 also sad my grandpa was died yesterday ,yet i have getting lots of orders for my new gig , thanks for fiverr buyers and sellers and also fiverr family. iam continuously trying work hard and take patience to get new orders Never fall back or go back in failure , keep trying and work hard . pleasant your customer mind when every work have you been done. give a friendship to the buyer. keep a good communication and custom reliable amount to charge customers. keep trying. work for passion not for money , passion leads first😎.
  4. Its feeling good , good works are comeing 😍

  5. Bro, tag changing will harm our gigs ranking, when dont change, discripirion, Tags and Title
  6. Yea thanks, i will change​:heart_eyes:😍
  7. Thanks bro for the valuable information​:heart_eyes:😍
  8. HELLO GUYS , good afternoon , today i am here you to talk about my gigs , I changed my gigs images , were , good images can attract clients and buyers ,BE Active in Fiverr & Forum , the Clients will definitely comes & get orders i am uploading attracting images - Everyone would like it , say cheese 😍 …Have a good selling wishes to all my members in FIVERR Family . " CHECK MY PROFILE TO SEE ATTRACTING WORKS " Fiverr.com Phoenix__org: I will do cartoon disney drawing ,art, vector , illustration...For only $5, Phoenix__org will do cartoon disney drawing ,art, vector , illustration sketch. | SIMPLE DRAWINGS- Full body - Shading - B/W - B/g - BASIC resolutionDetailed clean DRAWINGS - Full body - B/W/Color - B/g - STANDARD resolutionHigh | Fiverr Fiverr.com Phoenix__org: I will do awesome character comic illustrations black and white...For only $5, Phoenix__org will do awesome character comic illustrations black and white. | HELLO THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!Have You Been Looking For An Awesome CHARACTER ILLUSTRATION COMIC ?......Well Search No Further Because In This Very Professional...
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