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  1. @ronykumar232 Yes, I am aware of that, I am saying, direct order from social media link is sometimes harmful that's what I have heard.
  2. According to what I've heard, a buyer must find a gig on Fiverr and place an order. If you order through a direct social link, it may appear to be a fake order, similar to this.
  3. Will it have any effect on my profile if a buyer orders directly from my Gig link on Facebook? If it's ordered this way, I've heard it can cause issues. Please let me know. Thanks.
  4. There are two main things you need to follow: 1. Every gigs should be SEO friendly. 2. Send buyer request regularly.
  5. But, how to add portfolio? Isn't the gig images is my portfolio? Or Should I include an external link?
  6. It's a pleasure to meet you. I am from Bangladesh!
  7. Welcome here! Be active and try to help others!
  8. They just read the title and order. They don't have time to read the whole description I guess!
  9. Welcome here. Try to contribute here or if you need any help, feel free to let us know!
  10. You should cancel the order instead of getting negative review from that buyer. It's buyer friendly. Nothing to do.
  11. Hi, I am also new in Fiverr. I think you should try to stay online as long as you can. For this you can use your mobile phone most of the time. You do no need to stay on your desktop or llaptop.
  12. Thanks man! Thanks for sharing this. I will keep avoiding these buyer in future.
  13. Hi, I am from Bangladesh. I am working as a photo editor in Fiverr. I opened my account a few months ago and after researching a lot, I published my first 7 gigs yesterday. I hope and pray that I can get better support from this community. And I will also try to help anyone who is in trouble. Thanks. Taif Ibrahim.
  14. Congratulations! Pray for me. I have published my gigs. Hope to get an order soon.
  15. I have published 7 gigs today. 5 of them are active. 2 of them inactive. I have reported this.
  16. Yeah, but there is an option in the bottom to report this to support.
  17. @theratypist Thank you, so much. This helped me. I have reported this to support. From that link.
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