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  1. Hello folks 🙂 Just out of interest, as I have a week or 30 between gigs 🙂 Are there any Fiverr people you’ve come across in your browsing/shopping, and you’ve thought “wow, this person is really knocking it out of the park” Or doing a great job? It doesn’t have to be in your own field of expertise.
  2. I prefer the “shifty guy in sunglasses look”, it’s very reassuring for this who have trust issues…
  3. That’s a lovely story Elliclaire. I’m not a lover of classical music, but I can appreciate the level of skill needed to write it let alone play it. Congrats on your achievements so far and best of luck on your musical and Fiverr journeys.
  4. That’s really cool. You obviously love the written word and actually make a living from it. That’s a win win 🙂 I like history that’s close to home too, it’s great hearing about the major events, but I love the normal day to day stories of the people that lived where I live. What their lives were like etc.
  5. My first piece of advice would be, don’t take sales advice from a guy who hasn’t sold anything for ten years 🙂 There’s lot’s of useful information here in the forum for honing your sales skills etc. Have a read through those for the next while and you’ll find lots of handy tips. Good luck.
  6. I’ve had zero orders for my first decade 🙂 But I only started “selling” about 6 weeks or so ago. AND I have to say that looking at my own gig and how its presented, my own mother wouldn’t buy off me 🙂 I have to start taking it seriously and brush up my act/offering. I wish you luck in finding your first sale.
  7. Wow, you’ve had, are having an interesting life. Just wondering if you actually write for yourself? Fiction, non-fiction?
  8. I would guess that it’s a pretty rare market segment to find customers in. You need someone that’s discerning enough to want to have completely unique sounds to be used in their work, but doesn’t have the skills to make their own. Your competition is the people who make sound sets for all the popular synths, but make them available to anyone who wants to buy them. So they can make a set of 50 sounds for Arturia Pigments etc and sell them for 30 Euro, because they will sell hundreds of the packs. Not sure if you do this already, but maybe you’d be better off selling unique sound sets for all the popular synths through here. Price competitively and you’ll make money. If the product is well received you’ll have returning customers for your next sound set.
  9. Excellent advice again, very informative. Getting the perspective of the buyer is a great idea too.
  10. Great tips, and you even created work for a fellow Fiverrer 🙂
  11. Great advice 🙂 This is all turning out to be the kind of a stuff our parents would tell us, which we ignored 🙂 Which we then told our children and they ignored 🙂
  12. It would be interesting to hear from someone, but I suspect that most people who ask for tips on the forum are not able to comprehend the advice they are given - either because of language barriers, unwillingness to accept and apply criticism, because it is too much work, or because they simply do not have the necessary skills to apply them. Also, I suspect that some of the sellers requesting tips are not really looking for advice but are just posting random threads because they have heard that posting on the forum will bring them sales (which is not true, by the way). Many say “thank you for your valuable tips” when you point out that their gigs are breaking ToS, something that should require immediate action, but if you look at their profiles weeks later, they still have the very same gigs up. Again, I think many simply do not comprehend what we are telling them. Of course, this does not apply to everyone. Some genuinely do want help. In fact, I have seen a few people I have helped on the forum gain sales after applying my tips. Personally, since I started reading the forum, I have stopped offering “Unlimited Revisions” after hearing all the horror stories. I never had any issues, but at least now, I never have to worry. It was also useful for me as a new seller at the time to hear that not all buyers are necessarily good people. Sometimes they are out to trick you or hurt you. Good points. It seems odd to seek out advice and then to ignore it, so it does point in the direction of not actually wanting advice or being too lazy to follow it 🙂
  13. Excellent stuff. I had a friend who started a business painting houses, he decided that he had to undercut the competition and work fast 🙂 He was the cheapest in the local area, but got very little business as people assumed his cheap rate was a reflection of the quality of his work. any business he got he did well, but the income wasn’t enough to give him a good return. He increased his rate and ended up getting more work that he could handle.
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