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  1. What happen if we join the final revision? Can he refuse the work?
  2. I have a client who keeps asking me for almost useless revisions (I think he is gaining time I don’t know why). He has 10 revisions. 2 or 3 left, with his last request he said that he has to take his time to check the work but he but he did not request any modification!!! So I’m waiting what should i do?
  3. wow you open my mind. I didn’t know about that, simply awesome
  4. awesome results. Be in the first page is gold (but is a random system I think)
  5. Point 3 is useless. I agree with “stop following bad advice you find online” but there is no other way instead
  6. some thousand. Clicks are more important
  7. Random. The system supports the newest sellers and put them in the first page sometimes. There is a post on this forum that explain everything
  8. Not good. I have 1 buy each 10 click more or less But you have a lot of impressions
  9. I can’t understand the point 8. Why? and what does “Check Buyers Requests frequently” means? For search tag what do you mean? the 5 keywords?
  10. There are many kind of buyers. Someone did a great post here describing every buyer-tipo
  11. 4000 dollars in 30 days, 3 order/day??? AWESOME Do you have any advice for me? Are you in graphic I think
  12. if you keep delivering on time, that number will go up. DOn’t worry
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