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  1. Keep going ahead also doing marketing.
  2. Don’t warry my dear friend. keep patent and continue marketing
  3. Thanks bro, it’s really helpful
  4. Change Picture format, turn into JPG, JPEG format than upload, Hope it will be done. Thanks
  5. An edu email is an email address for a college or university. If you are trying to create one for a buyer, is that even legal? @vickiespencer bro may be right.
  6. That’s good, Now start sharing on social media
  7. You have to find in youtube I hope you got it.
  8. There is mention 3-5 business hour but it will done after sometime
  9. Without order, it impossible
  10. If possible, delete you gig, then again create a new
  11. Thank you bro @joinalabedin , I’ve also this problem
  12. I’m also edit my gig and it results " Your Gig status is : Active Your Gig is displayed in the search results pages in the marketplace. Please note that these pages are sorted by different algorithms in order to optimize and personalize the results for the users. For doing that we take into account both quality and business measurements."
  13. It has been solved bro enjoy Fiverr
  14. It’s solved now, enjoy your time!!!
  15. I’m really affrighted about it
  16. Is it a test post? Any problem with you bro
  17. Congratulation @b4allb4u keep earning money and trust
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