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  1. Thank you so much! I didn't know how many reviews I needed for that gig and I couldn't find the information, I'll wait for the 20 reviews, thank you so much Donnovan!
  2. Hi you need  has at least 20 reviews. 

  3. Hello guys, I hope you can help me. I would like to know how many reviews I need at one of my Gigs to start promoting? I have a gig that is doing very well but I can't promote it, I have 9 reviews there, thanks!
  4. I think I can relate with your thoughts, when we are alone we sometimes think about that scene in the next 30 years, everything happens so fast in life, I know a lot of people say that we'll die alone, that's a fact, but our last memories how would they be? that's a lot to think about, and it certainly counts as a phobia, of the unknown future.
  5. Hello everyone! I share some of my phobias: -Heights make me panic, even if they are 1 meter high. -Blood, I can't get tested without sweating or feeling afraid, when I have a cut on my skin it makes me anxious. -Latex gloves, I feel like my hands are suffocating (during the time of Covid 2020 it was a nightmare to use them). -Small spaces cause me anxiety attacks. -The waves, I don't enter the sea if the water is not calm (like a swimming pool). -Very high stairs, I think it is due to the same issue of heights... Thanks for asking this question, It distracted me for a while reading all of you.
  6. What a nice post! Sometimes I think I'm alone in this journey because a decided this work where I don't really "talk" to other people just like the regularly office job and sometimes I have doubts about things on the platform or what to do with "x" client or situation. Love your post to share a bit or ourselves, I've been here for a while working but I'm kinda new in the forum, just asking the minimum! I hope to know more about you guys, wish you the best! P.D Vicki is the best giving a good advice here...
  7. Thanks Vicki! Sometimes i just wanna ask if there's something wrong but I'll try just to move on.
  8. Hello guys! I would like to know if anyone gets messages from buyers like this case: they want you to do "x" project and after talking and clarifying all the project (everything is going well), they just disappear when you send the offer! What to do in this situation? I don't know if is a common theme in this forum.
  9. Hello! I work in the same area, architectural design, everything has been slow these days and a lot of spam in buyer requests, we have to keep waiting!
  10. I definitely wanna be part of the cool kids 😎.
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