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  1. Exactly! new sellers can’t gain buyers trust directly from buyers who visits Fiverr only
  2. Hello, welcome to the community. Don’t give up even if your don’t get your first order in a month.
  3. This is so distressing… None of my social media friends needs the service that I provide so is it worth promoting there out of the blue, like they don’t even know that I’m doing the Fiverr thing. If I promote in a FB (Facebook), will it be beneficial ? If so can anybody please suggest me some good pages plzzzz (except Fiverr’s own) where I can get actual buyers searching for service . And any advice about FB promoting in general like outside of Fiverr pages ? Heard a lot about Quaro, but simply how can a normal post there can get me customers when I’m just a completely new seller with no orders nor reviews yet ?? 😦
  4. Yes of course, Thank you. But none of my social media followers/friends needs the services that I provide, they are all my friends. Are there any advantage of promoting on SNS if I don’t reach potential customers ?
  5. Yall do freelancing only on Fiverr or ?
  6. ok will do that, once again thank you soo much 🙂
  7. Thank you, yes I’m aware of that so I did a very basic editing of 1 picture, thought this was the least I could do to gain there trust…I don’t know. Without any reviews how can I prove myself…persuading needs lots of practice I guess.
  8. Thank you, yes I did all that but I guess for way to much info
  9. Hi guys, I’m a new here. I’ve chatted with some buyers recently but couldn’t seem to convince them to order. I even edited samples for them to show my work but nothing worked. I think its the fault of my communication skills. Should I sound eager to help, relaxed, should I ask for too much information about the project in one time ? etc. It has happened 3 times, I don’t want to loose more buyers. Someone please guide me. Thank You in Advance
  10. Best of luck, make sure to create at least 3 gigs for more buyers request.
  11. hi & welcome, hope you get quick success. cheer up
  12. None of this is ok, obviously. One is annoying that to what extend sellers could go. I’m new so I had no idea about Fiverr’s security system so
  13. Its a very basic thing to search up names, almost every1 knows. I thought they did some stuffs like extract the url from page source. Glad to know its not the case.
  14. Simply like this: Contact860×802 89 KBYou are free to report user or mark the message as spam in your inbox. If you wonder how user(s) got your contact when posting BR, they inspect the HTML code and find your profile name in alt attribute assigned to profile image. I see…but how exactly did they found my profile url from inspect ?
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