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  1. Congratulation Dear👌
  2. Dear, If I publish more gigs, will the rating increase or decrease?
  3. What to do about not getting regular buyer requests?? Thanks
  4. Last week, a buyer gave a 1.0 star review even after working according to his needs. Although the previous 5 reviews were 5 stars. Now how can I get rid of this problem.
  5. Why is such writing coming in the marked place?
  6. Does this message indicate that I have added an account?
  7. Which is better for account a bad review or order canceled??
  8. Thanks For your Valuable Information...But My PC has been Problems.... Thanks..
  9. What are the problems if you can't deliver on time? Since the buyer does not agree to extend the time.
  10. Will there be any problem of account for different device different IP??
  11. Need help, The laptop I work with has been serviced due to a problem, but an order has already been placed, in which case can I login to my account on another PC and deliver the design ??
  12. Dear Forum, I can't find any other option in the marked place after giving new windows today, I will be benefited if you inform me. Thank you.
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