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  1. Yeah, it's the same here. It's not working! I inspected as well, and getting the same thing. Some server side issue, i believe.
  2. To be honest, it's the same here. I can only see the old buyer's requests, but not the latest ones. Something's wrong with the site.
  3. Aye, Thanks for your advices. Means a lot to me ❤️ I'll keep improving in the meantime. I really am hoping for new orders soon JSJSJ
  4. Exactly and I'm refraining from doing so. I hope i get new orders soon ❤️
  5. The moment i became a level one seller, i have stopped getting any orders. Before that i used to get orders as a new seller. Any tips to improve? This is bugging me alot because for the past 25 days, I'm sitting just like that :((
  6. hope so <3. I have to be cautious from now onwards.
  7. So something happened on the 7th of May. I sent a proposal through the buyer’s request, and I explicitly mentioned that before placing an order kindly discuss everything with me to save my time because: Number 1, I always discuss budget according to the needs, and Number two, to close the gap between the two far apart time zones. It was around 2 am, when the buyer placed an order and pitched in vague requirements. Well, he was from Nigeria, and everything in the requirements didn’t make sense to me because he wasn’t able to convert it properly in the English Language. I asked him to give me all the details as soon as possible because the time limit was 24 hours, yet he did not. He was like, let’s brainstorm on the fly, and I was extremely furious. I was already a Level one seller, and was forced to cancel the order because he wasn’t making any sense; thus, I got demoted on the 15th of May, and since then my impressions, my organic ranking, the clicks went down the drain. I’m getting zero orders, zero messages, and ugh it’s so frustrating.
  8. Ahhhh, that makes sense now. Thanks for clarifying it uwu
  9. and what if i never get 20+ orders in 60 days? It will never reach 90+?
  10. But mine’s constantly dropping, even though I’m completing new orders. It doesn’t add up, the maths!
  11. Okay, a couple of weeks ago, I had to cancel an order. In totality, I have two canceled orders, and that brought my completion rate to 84. After that I completed 3 more orders, expecting the rate to increase. But, surprisingly, the rate’s decreasing on its own! I have one order in the queue, and today, in the morning, the rate dropped from 82% to 78%. Why? Just because I’m near to becoming a Level 1 seller, now Fiver’s trolling with me?
  12. Okay, Thank you. That’s a relief!
  13. Wait until the order is marked as completed. I submitted the order on 29th December. It’s already 3rd January, and the order did not autocomplete.
  14. Recently, I got an order from a person and completed the order in 2 days (regardless of 4 days timing). The buyer comes online but doesn’t reply to my texts. He’s not even canceling the order, neither marking it as completed. Also, Fiverr extended the autocomplete to 7 days, I don’t know what to do. THIS IS LITERALLY GETTING ON MY NERVES!
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