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  1. Hi there, I’m building a new gig on fiverr. But I am not getting any impression. I don’t understand what is the problem . Why can’t I get an impression. this is my gig https://www.fiverr.com/share/v8ZX9r Please check my gig and tell me if there is any problem with my gig? And what can I do to get an order? Give me some advice.
  2. Hi friends I have recently opened a Fiverr account. Even after knowing the work well, I am not getting any order. Having a problem with my response time too much? Please advise. How do I get an order? And there was a request to visit my account. Fiverr.com pinkysomadder : I will do professional graphic design using adobe illustrator...For only $5, pinkysomadder will do professional graphic design using adobe illustrator. | Hello! I'm a graphic designer more than 3 years of experience. I am expert in adobe Photoshop and illustrator - and i can do pretty | On Fiverr Catch my mistakes, I will be grateful to you. And please give me a massage to reduce my response time. Thanks
  3. same to you bro. I also joined more than 1 month but I did not get the order.
  4. Hello fiverr friends I’m new on fiverr. I have just joined the Fiverr Forum.I learned a lot when I came to Fiverr forum. Thanks to Fiverr Forum Community . I’m working on graphic design and Facebook marketing. I will try to provide my best services. I want to be a successful freelancer. I hope everyone will be with me. Thanks everyone
  5. thanks for this information. This will help us to do something better.
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