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  1. Hi I got a response from Fiverr support in about 4 hours. What they suggested didnt work. I wrote back… another response in 4 hours. Didnt work again… wrote back – another response in 8 hours. response time not as committed, but not bad as well. Only the issue is not resolved for 24 hour now. hope something happens today
  2. Hi I got a message that I am now a Fiverr VID, and that I am entitled to priority support in one hour. I posted a ticket, but I got a response saying wait for 12 -18 hours How do I get the priority support that I have been promised? Is there a separate email id to send the request to? Or a separate VID portal to log the request? I logged the request in the regular Fiverr support system, because that’s where the link in the “Welcome to the VID program” message took me to Thanks and Happy New Year to all! Peter Mumbai, India
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