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  1. I would like to join for seller plus program. I am waiting for it. Thanks Fiverr Team.
  2. From last month, I didn't get any new orders. Just, I have gotten recommend and repeat buyer order.
  3. I did same like as you and from the last month I had lost my place from search appear. And still I have 92/100 repeat buyer score. Thanks
  4. I would like to add some extra: 1. Try to no cancel order. 2. Provide better service with earn 5* ratings 3. On-time delivery, no late delivery 4. Try to avoid delivery time extend (These are from my experience. For these reason, I have lost my rank from search results.) Happy Freelancing.
  5. Wish you get the batch soon. By the way, I have fill up the requirements last 6 months ago. But don't get any happy news yet.
  6. Gig image will be more attractive according to your service. So When any people see it then they understand easily what you are provided and what is your creativity about design.
  7. Try to send quality buyer request, and marketing your gig on social media.
  8. Complete order with client satisfaction
  9. If you are on the right way according to buyer requirements, and also he loved the works. Also, buyer would like to refund then you have to contact fiver support . If you have honest and provide better service, then I believe Fiverr support will be help you
  10. Welcome to the best freelance platform. Stick with your honesty and provide better service.
  11. Welcome. Be aware, honest and provide the best quality services. I wish, your new journey will be good
  12. Well done buddy. I believe I will get this features on a day 😄
  13. Please follow previous suggestion and I want to add new topic that is, every day try to send buyer request proposal. Wish you get your success soon.
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