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  1. Cheers guys thanks for the replies!
  2. Thanks for the response Revisions always confuse me as im am unsure on what counts as a revision. For example, if they ask me to change the colour of the text, is that a revision? Also, how many revisions do you suggest i include in each package?
  3. I recently updated it and would like feedback on what works and what doesn’t, i really appreciate it! Fiverr.com bo0mdesign : I will make you a professionally animated steam artwork for $5...For only $5, bo0mdesign will make you a professionally animated steam artwork. | Looking for a good, clean steam artwork?Animated artworks add a lot to your steam profile, they make it stand out and can make your profile | On Fiverr
  4. I would love this! I really hope this picks up again and fiverr adds it.
  5. Requirements would be much easier and cleaner if i was able to change what was shown depending on the package bought. E.g If i offer animation and effects to premium, but not to basic, basic would not be asked what character they would like animated and what effects they would like, only premium would. Instead i find i have to specify in each requirement for which package it is, as not to confuse the buyer.
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