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  1. Currently I am working on a project which is almost 2 months long. It was completed in 1 month within the expected time. But the client said that he has more info to insert into the webpage which he will provide later and asked me to extend the order. I have extended the project 5 times and he is still providing small project details from time to time. Will there be any problem because of a lot of extension? Also If I deliver the project and and the client accepts it, will my client be able to provide more info as revisions later? I am relatively new on fiverr. If anyone can help me on this matter, it will be a great help. Thanks in advance.
  2. I am sending as many buyer requests as possible. I have searched 15-20 tags from fiverr search suggestions and put it on my description and 5 of them on tag section. Do I need more tags? Anyway thanks a lot everyone.
  3. I have also opened 4 gigs but impressions are falling day by day. I keep my patience and hope for someday I will get my orders keep on coming. In the meantime I keep sending buyer requests and keep learning new things related to my gig.
  4. Hello everyone. I have a career in teaching but from the passion of learning web development I started learning full stack web development beside teaching. I think I am ready now to take the challenge. Looking forward to being a full time freelancer on fiverr. Wish me luck.
  5. Hey there fiverr community, Feeling the necessity of learning more things I paused my fiverr account for a year or so and after learning web development I am back at fiverr again. I completed a job back then and after that I didn’t use fiverr at all. I have opened 4 gigs on web development back december and my gigs are not ranking that well. I will be pleased to get any suggestion for my gigs.
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